About "Vides Tehnika" Ltd.

VIDES TEHNIKA Ltd. was founded in 2008 with a goal to offer clients sustainable and professional technical solutions and equipment for heat insulation of buildings. Over the years by evolving and developing our knowledge, VIDES TEHNIKA has combined Professional team of heat insulation experts, which help to find the most appropriate heat insulation solutions according to your needs and specifications.

Today we can call ourselves heat insulation experts since we offer our clients a full range of heat insulation materials, deposition equipment and supplies. Together with our partners we perform high quality heat insulation in all territory of Latvia.

Heat insulation helps to make your home or workplace not only homely, comfortable and sustainable but also reduces heating expenses and at the same time cares for nature. Insulated home is a foundation for comfortable life and a significant way of slowing down global warming. Together with VIDES TEHNIKA team you are capable to do all of that.